Savanna Premium Chocolate

"It's the bit of extra luxury that only the heart of Africa can provide"

We are a premium bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Lusaka Zambia with a mission to create African luxury artisan chocolates both at home and abroad. We want to change the narrative that premium chocolates are made in western countries.

Our chocolates are made from carefully selected single origin cocoa beans to preserve the flavours of the country of origin. We are constantly fine-tuning our chocolate making process to ensure that you get premium quality chocolates.

All our chocolates are handcrafted and are made from natural ingredients.

Our Co-founders on Radio Phoenix and DiamondTV Zambia

Three reasons to love our chocolate

MAKING chocolate in Africa


Did you know that Africa is the largest exporter of cocoa beans (~ 60%) and yet Africa only produces less than 1% of the world chocolate?

We want to pioneer the making of premium quality chocolate in Africa while supporting our economy and the farmers.

Direct trade with the farmers


Did you know that cocoa beans farmers even with fair trade, receive very little income because of the middle men who have historically managed the cocoa bean trade?

Our goal is to buy our cocoa beans directly from farmers to improve their income by by-passing the middle men.

USE single origin cocoa beans

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Did you now that most large commercial companies mix chocolates from different countries and over process it to achieve a uniform chocolate taste?

We want to help you experience real chocolate and its unique flavours by using single origin cocoa bean

Our customers love Savanna Premium Chocolate

Savanna’s premium dark chocolate tastes great. It melts perfectly on the tongue and doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste. If you want to have some dark chocolate I would recommend starting with Savanna Premium Chocolate from Zambia.
— Ayani Bwaliya
It is simply more than I expected. Savanna Premium Chocolate defines just how real chocolate should be. I’m glad I got the chance to taste it. Looking forward to the launch guys. Cheers to amazing chocolate!!! I will definitely recommend it to everybody, and I mean everybody.
This chocolate is yummy, real smooth and tasty. I can’t wait for more variety. Big thumbs up Savanna Premium Chocolate!!

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